OrientDB Manual


The Create Function command creates a new Server-Side function. Functions can be executed from SQL, HTTP and Java.


CREATE FUNCTION <name> <code>
                [PARAMETERS [<comma-separated list of parameters' name>]]
                [IDEMPOTENT true|false]
                [LANGUAGE <language>]


  • name is the function name as string
  • code is the function code as string
  • PARAMETERS, optional, are the function parameters bound to the execution heap
  • IDEMPOTENT, optional, means the function doesn't change the database status. This is useful because IDEMPOTENT functions can be called by HTTP GET, otherwise HTTP POST. By default is FALSE.
  • language, optional, is the language. By default is "Javascript".

See also


Create function 'test' in Javascript with no parameters:

CREATE FUNCTION test "print('\nTest!')"

Create function 'allUsersButAdmin' in SQL with no parameters:

CREATE FUNCTION allUsersButAdmin "select from ouser where name <> 'admin'" LANGUAGE SQL