Cluster Management

This is the section (available only for the Enterprise Edition) to work with OrientDB Cluster as DBA/DevOps.

NOTE: This feature is available only in the OrientDB Enterprise Edition. If you are interested in a commercial license look at OrientDB Subscription Packages.

On the top of the page are reported the number of active nodes joining your cluster.


This page summarizes all the most important information about all servers connected to the cluster:

  • CPU, RAM, DISK CACHE and DISK used
  • Status
  • Operations per second
  • Active Connections
  • Network Requests
  • Average Latency
  • Warnings
  • Live chart with CRUD operations in real-time



In this panel you can see all databases present on each server joining your cluster. Through the box above you can change in real time the current cluster configuration, without touching the config/default-distributed-db-config.json file content. You can set the following parameters:

  • Write Quorum
  • Read Quorum
  • Auto Deploy
  • Hot Alignment
  • Read your Writes
  • Failure Available Nodes Less Quorum
  • Server Roles, roles may be "Master" or "Replica"

To learn more about these configuration parameters please visit the Distributed Configuration section.


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