Console - GREMLIN

Executes commands in the Gremlin language from the Console.

Gremlin is a graph traversal language. OrientDB supports it from the Console, API and through a Gremlin shell launched from $ORIENTDB_HOME/bin/


GREMLIN <command>
  • <command> Defines the commands you want to know.

NOTE: OrientDB parses Gremlin commands as multi-line input. It does not execute the command until you type end. Bear in mind, the end here is case-sensitive.


  • Create a vertex using Gremlin:

    orientdb> gremlin
    [Started multi-line command.  Type just 'end' to finish and execute.]
    orientdb> v1 = g.addVertex();
    orientdb> end
    Script executed in 0,100000 sec(s).

For more information on the Gremlin language, see Gremlin. For more information on other commands, see Console Commands.

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