PhpOrient - jsonSerialize()

This method returns the record serialized in JSON format.

Serializing Records

In some cases, you may find it more convenient to operate on a record in JSON format rather than the standard format provided by PhpOrient. Alternatively, you may want to save JSON instances of records for backup or logging purposes. This method takes no arguments and returns a JSON instance of the record. It is similar to the recordSerialize() method.




For instance, you might want to use this method as part of a logging operation, echoing a JSON instance of the record to the console on asynchronous queries.

function logQuery(Record $record){

    // Fetch JSON
    $json = $record->jsonSerialize();

    // Log to Console
    echo "$json";

function query($sql, $fetchPlan){

    // Query Database
    global $client;
    $results = $client->queryAsync($sql,
        ['fetch_plan' => $fetchPlan,
        '_callback' => logQuery ]);

    // Return Results
    return $results;

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