PhpOrient - getOData()

This method retrieves data from the record.

Retrieving Data

In cases where you want to operate on record data, this method allows you to retrieve the data from the Record() instance. It returns a mapped array of properties and values on the record.




Consider the use case of a web application that serves blogs. You might want to create a blog roll, which displays data on the most recent posts. You might want to create a function that standardizes the data retrieval process.

function blogRoll($limit){

    // Log Operation
    echo "Retrieving Blog Entries";

    // Retrieve Blogs
    $blogs = $client->query("SELECT FROM BlogEntry LIMIT $limit");

    $div = '<div id="blog-roll"><h3>Latest Posts</h3><ul>'

    foreach($blogs as $record){

        // Fetch Data
        $data = $record->getOData();
        $title = $data['title'];
        $link = $data['link'];

        $div = '$div <li><a src="$link">$title</a></li>';
    $div = '$div</div>';

    // Return Blog Roll
    return $div;

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