PyOrient Client - db_reload()

This method reloads the open database, refreshing cluster information from OrientDB.

Reloading Databases

On occasion, you may encounter or implement deployments where multiple clients are interacting with the OrientDB server at a given time. In cases such as this, you may need to reload the database, updating cluster information on the client object.




For instance, consider the example of the smart home application database. You have a web interface that provides control functionality and a back-end systems that update the database with information taken from physical devices. Periodically, you may need the web interface to reload its client connection.

class WebInterface():

   def __init__(self, client):
      self.client = client

   def reload(self):

Here, the class receives the PyOrient Client and initializes it as a class variable. You can then periodically call the method periodically to reload the database on the client, updating cluster information.

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