PyOrient Client - db_drop()

This method removes a database from the connected OrientDB server.

Dropping Databases

In certain situations, you may want to remove a full database from the OrientDB Server. For instance, if you create a temporary database in memory for certain operations or if you want to provide the user with the ability to uninstall the database with the application, without removing OrientDB itself.


  • <db-name> Defines the database to remove.


Consider the example of the smart home database. In developing your application, you may want to frequently reset the database to a clean state. This allows you to move forward with a new implementation without having to worry about an obsolete schema causing problems for you.

# Reset Database
def reset_db(client, name):

   # Remove Old Database

   # Create New Database

Here, the function receives the client and the database name. It deletes the given database and creates a new one with the same name.

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