MarcoPolo - FetchPlan

This struct defines a fetching strategy for you to use queries. It provides functions that you may find useful when traversing records.

Working with Fetch Plans

Using the FetchPlan struct, you gain access to two additional functions: resolve_links() and resolve_links!(). Each performs the same operation, however resolve_links!() raises an exception when it attempts to retrieve records that don't exist on the database.


# Resolve Links, ignore Exception if Record Not Found
resolve_links(<rids>, <linked>)

# Resolve Links, raise Exception if Record Not Found
resolve_links!(<rids>, <linked>)
  • <rid> Defines a set of Record ID's, as MarcoPolo.RID instances.
  • <linked> Defines the document the given records link to, as a MarcoPolo.Document instance.

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