OrientDB-NET - SqlBatch()

This method prepares a Batch command. The return value is an OCommandQuery object.

Executing Batch Commands

OrientDB supports scripting arbitrary commands through a minimal SQL engine to batch commands together. Using SqlBatch() command, you can execute these scripts from within your C#/.NET application.


OCommandQuery ODatabase.SqlBatch(string command)
  • command Defines the command you want to execute.


For instance, say you have a business application that tracks accounts in different regions and sales persons assigned to that region. Whenever someone joins the team, you need to update OrientDB to tell the application who they are and their assigned region.

public AddToSales(ODatabase database, string name, string region)
   string query = string.Format("begin
      let region = select from Region where name = {0}
      let employee = create vertex Sales set name = '{1}'
      let e = create edge Assignment from $employee to $account
      commit retry 100
      return $e", region, name);

   return database.SqlBatch(query);

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