Migration from 1.5.x to 1.6.x

Databases created with release 1.5.x need to be exported and reimported in OrientDB 1.6.x.

From OrientDB 1.5.x:

  • Open the console under "bin/" directory calling:
    • ./console.sh (or .bat on Windows)

  • Connect to the database and export it, example:
    • orientdb> connect plocal:/temp/db admin admin
    • orientdb> export database /temp/db.zip
  • Run OrientDB 1.6.x console
    • ./console.sh (or .bat on Windows)

  • Create a new database and import it, example:
    • orientdb> create database plocal:/temp/db admin admin plocal
    • orientdb> import database /temp/db.zip

For any problem on import, look at Import Troubleshooting.


OrientDB 1.6.x comes with the new PLOCAL engine. To migrate a database create with the old "local" to such engine follow the steps in: Migrate from local storage engine to plocal

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