PyOrient Client - db_open()

This method opens a database on the OrientDB Server.

Opening Databases

When you have the name of the database that you want to use, as well as the relevant authentication credentials, you can open this database within your client.


client.db_open(<name>, <username>, <user-passwd>, <db-type>, <client-id>)
  • <name> Defines the database you want to open.
  • <username> Defines the database user name.
  • <user-passwd> Defines the database user password.
  • <db-type> Defines the database type, (optional).
    • pyorient.DB_TYPE_DOCUMENT Opens it as a Document Database.
    • pyorient.DB_TYPE_GRAPH Opens it as a Graph Database.
  • <client-id> With distributed deployments, use this argument to define the distributed node.


In the case of the example smart home database, say that after various sanity checks you're ready to start working on the database itself. You might use a line like the one below to open the database, so that you can start using it:

client.db_open("tinkerhome", "nodeuser", "node_passwd")

This opens the tinkerhome database on the PyOrient Client. Commands issued through this object now operate on that database.

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