Console - JS

Executes commands in the Javascript language from the Console. Look also Javascript Command.


JS <commands>
  • <commands> Defines the commands you want to execute.

Interactive Mode You can execute a command in just one line (JS print('Hello World!')) or enable the interactive input by just executing JS and then typing the Javascript expression as multi-line inputs. It does not execute the command until you type end. Bear in mind, the end here is case-sensitive.


  • Execute a query and display the result:

    orientdb> js
    [Started multi-line command.  Type just 'end' to finish and execute.]
    orientdb> var r = db.query('select from ouser');
    orientdb> for(var i=0;i
    orientdb> print( r[i] );
    orientdb> }
    orientdb> end
    OUser#5:0{roles:[1],status:ACTIVE,password:{PBKDF2WithHmacSHA256}C08CE0F5160EA4050B8F10EDBB86F06EB0A2EE82DF73A340:BC1B6040727C1E11E3A961A1B2A49615C96938710AF17ADD:65536,name:admin} v1
    OUser#5:1{name:reader,password:{PBKDF2WithHmacSHA256}41EF9B675430D215E0970AFDEB735899B6665DF44A29FE98:5BC48B2D20752B12B5E32BE1F22C6C85FF7CCBEFB318B826:65536,status:ACTIVE,roles:[1]} v1
    OUser#5:2{name:writer,password:{PBKDF2WithHmacSHA256}FA0AD7301EA2DB371355EB2855D63F4802F13858116AB82E:18B8077E1E63A45DB0A3347F91E03E4D2218EA16E5100105:65536,status:ACTIVE,roles:[1]} v1
    Client side script executed in 0.142000 sec(s). Value returned is: null

For more information on the Javascript execution, see Javascript Command. For more information on other commands, see Console Commands.

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