Data Model

demodb is the database of an hypothetical Travel Agency that runs a public social platform as well.

Users (that are stored in the database in the class Profiles) can freely register to the social platform and start making friends (friendship is expressed via the HasFriend edge).

Some of the users can become customers. When this happens the application in use at the Social Travel Agency creates a vertex in the Customers class and links it to the associated profile via an HasProfile edge.

When customers are created, they are automatically linked to a country as well, via an IsFromCountry edge. Countries are stored in the Countries vertex class.

Orders made by customers are stored in the vertex class Orders. Each customer can make one or more orders, and the HasCustomer edge is used to connect orders to customers.

When customers start visiting Attractions (like Castles, Monuments, Theatres or Archaeological Sites) or using Services (like Hotels or Restaurants) edges are created to link that specific customer with that specific attraction or service (HasVisited, HasStayed, and HasEaten edges are used).

The Social Travel Agency also stores some reviews in the vertex class Reviews. Reviews are linked to customers via the MadeReview edge, and to an attraction or service via the HasReview edge.

Data model of demodb v.0.76 is reported in the image below:


Inheritance in the Vertex and Edge classes of demodb v.0.76 is reported in the image below:

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