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Certification Exams take place at the end of each training course. Attending a course is not a requirement for attempting the course exam. However, course attendance as preparation is encouraged. If the Certification Exam is attempted immediately after the course, 80% of students pass the first time. Prices are "una tantum" (good for one time) and the certification never expires. If you'd like to work as OrientDB Consultant the certification is the best way to prove your skill with OrientDB.

For more information regarding training, please contact with the specific course you're interested in, a brief description of your use case, the attendees' skills, the requested location and availability time-frame.

Title Description Target Price
OrientDB Java Developer Certifies that the user has deep knowledge of OrientDB concepts and is able to write Java applications that work against the Graph API. Java Developer $150 + VAT*
OrientDB Web Developer Certifies that the user has deep knowledge of OrientDB concepts and is able to interact with the database via HTTP/REST API. Web Developer $150 + VAT*
OrientDB YODA Certifies the user has very deep knowledge of OrientDB internals and fine tuning. The user can change the source code providing patches and improvements. All Orientdb committers are certified "YODA". Java Developer $150 + VAT*
OrientDB DBA 1st Level Certifies that the user has knowledge of OrientDB basics and is able to work with the database(s) as DBA using the Console and Web Studio. DBA, System Administrator, Security expert $150 + VAT*

* VAT 20% is applied only to individuals or companies based in the UK. In all other cases, VAT services are subject to the reverse charge. VAT to be accounted for by the recipient as per article 196 of Council Directive 2006/112/EC.

Upcoming Events

Reserve a seat at one of the next upcoming certification session or ask for a new session by writing to