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Released OrientDB 2.2.23

Released OrientDB 2.2.23

Tue, 07/11/2017 - 08:42

London - July 11, 2017

OrientDB Team has just released OrientDB v2.2.23

If you are using 2.2.x series, please upgrade your production environments to v2.2.23. View our Change Log for a full list of new functionalities, bug fixes and other improvements.

Download The Latest OrientDB (v2.2.23) version: If you are currently using a previous version of OrientDB, we recommend you upgrade using the link above. However, if you would like to download previous versions of OrientDB Community Edition, you may do so here:

Noteworthy Enhancements

TELEPORTER is finally available in the Community Edition, with a complete integration with OrientDB Studio and a new fancy UI. Using Teleporter's user interface included in Studio, it is now possible to map in a visual way the source schema of the RDBMS with the graph model in OrientDB. For a complete list of enhancements, improvements and bug fixes, have a look at the complete OrientDB Changelog.

Change Log


  • Attempting to remove a non existing field from a class instead of throwing an OSchemaException exception like in 2.1 was dumping an entire stack trace to the logger as an ERROR. As a result in certain conditions logs were filled with unnecessary stack traces, and an ERROR event instead of a WARNING was produced. Now fixed - Internal Issue #8841
  • A NPE was fixed - Internal Issue #8835
  • A NPE during database upgrade was fixed - Issue #7512
  • Under rare conditions, when -1 was being sent as record version, uniqueness constraint was violated and duplicates in the database could occur. Now fixed - Issue #7518


  • Fixed square bracket filtering on maps
  • Fixed usage of Lucene index in SQL, when multiple indexes are defined on a property and the query uses LUCENE operator - Issue #7513
  • Fixed parsing problem in INSERT FROM SELECT where the SELECT has no target - Issue #7517
  • Removed misleading log message on long running queries - Issue #6889
  • CONFLICT-STRATEGY field was empty after setting a new CONFLICTSTRATEGY using the ALTER CLUSTER command - Internal Issue #8879
  • Fixed NPE that can happen when defining custom record conflict strategies
  • Fixed SQL transactions with a mix of binary and non-binary filtering strategies - Issue #7534


  • Fixed issue on error management on sessions without token - Issue #7528


  • Fixed bug with LinkList/LinkSet when editing/creating Vertex/Edge - Issue #478
  • Fixed bug on document create in browse section that didn't show the red bar in case of error - Issue #468


  • A ClassCastException was being logged each time a distributed transaction was rolled back. Now fixed - Internal Issue #8858
  • Refreshed active session with updated storage in case of HA SYNC - Internal Issue #8804
  • Fixed bug during resurrection of a record - Internal Issue #8791


  • Fixed vulnerability in SQL for queries on OUser/ORole without the privileges. An independent security researcher has reported this vulnerability to Beyond Security’s SecuriTeam Secure Disclosure program.


Team and Contributors

A big thank you goes out to the OrientDB team and all the contributors who worked hard on this release, providing pull requests, tests, issues and comments. Best regards, Luigi Dell’Aquila Director of Consulting OrientDB LTD