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Many of today’s most innovative applications are enabled by the power and flexibility of our unique multi-model database. As is the case with any advanced technology, training is an essential ingredient in realizing the platform’s full potential. To help our customers make the most of their OrientDB experience, we offer an array of classes and certification exams meant for every student, every budget, and every delivery option through the OrientDB University.

On-Demand Course Options

OrientDB Overview


If you’re just getting started and would like a high-level OrientDB introduction, be sure to check out our free course available at Udemy.

OrientDB Database Design and Modeling

Once you’re ready to launch your OrientDB project, you’ll want to sign up for this class, which provides over 2 1/2 hours of content and more than 150 quiz questions. It gives you a solid understanding of NoSQL, graph databases, OrientDB’s architecture and capabilities all while helping you to analyze your requirements to come up with a solid design, interact with your data, and much more. Normally priced at USD $149 — including the certification exam — the early edition of this class is available for a one-time fee of USD $99. Your subscription entitles you to access the class for 30 days. To register for this class, click here.

On-Demand Course Options

Live Course Options

If you’re interested in an immersive, hands-on course led by an experienced instructor, we’ve created multiple alternatives to meet your needs.  These courses also allows you to be certified.

Live Global Class

This instructor-led course is open to the general public, and is offered approximately every 60 days. These two day classes — priced at USD $995 per student (including the database modeling and design certification exam) — provide an extensive lecture and hands-on interaction in OrientDB modeling, design, application development, and administration. To allow us to provide individual instructor attention, seating in this course is very limited.

Private Classes

Available for onsite and remote delivery, these courses are highly customizable based on client requirements. Many customers elect to configure a three-day class, consisting of database modeling, application development, and administrative topics.

For more information, please contact describing the course you’re interested in, your use case in a few words, the attendees’ skills, your location, and when you’d like to have the class.