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OrientDB 1.7 is out!

OrientDB 1.7 is out!

Tue, 05/27/2014 - 00:41
Breaking news: OrientDB 1.7 is out! We made OrientDB faster than before and with new exciting features like Distributed Sharding, the support for Lucene indexes (Full-Text and GEO-Spatial), SSL connections, Parallel queries and more. To download OrientDB 1.7 go to: What's new?


  • New “minimumclusters” to auto-create X clusters per class
  • New cluster strategy to pick the cluster. Available round-robin, default and balanced
  • Added record locking via API
  • Removed rw/locks on schema and index manager
  • Cached most used users and roles in RAM (configurable)


  • New support for SSL connections on binary and HTTP protocols


  • Bookmarks for queries
  • Ability to interrupt running commands


  • New “script” command to execute multiple SQL statements + transaction control
  • New “next” command to move the cursor on the next record in the result set
  • New “pref” command to move the cursor on the previous record in the result set
  • New “move ” command to move from current record by executing a predicate
  • New “eval ” command to evaluate a predicate against current record
  • Ability to ignore errors by setting “set ignore = true”


  • New support for Sharding
  • Simplified (JSON) configuration


  • New functions to return the traversed items: traversedVertex(), traversedEdge() and traversedElement()
  • Method addEdge() can takes ORID to use implicitly last record version


  • New PARALLEL keyword to run the query on multiple threads
  • New “INSERT INTO … SELECT” to copy records
  • New “INSERT INTO … RETURN ” to return expressions on INSERT
  • New “UPDATE … RETURN ” to return expressions on UPDATE
  • Function distance() accepts measure unit (default = km)


  • Added support for context variables in SCRIPT command


  • Added Full-Text Lucene indexes (as plugin)
  • Added GEO Spatial Lucene indexes (as plugin)
  • Added WAL (Journal) support for Hash-Index so can be used in Transactions
  • Added NULL support for composite and non-composite indexes
  • Full-Text can be configured through METADATA keyword
  • Full-Text now indexes also sub-words
  • Improved SQL optimizer by avoiding calling evaluate() when not needed
  • LINKSET types can be indexed now
  • RID can be used on composite indexes 
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